Boron Uses in Chemical Manufacturing

Boron Uses

Borate mineral ores and refined boron products are the raw material precursors to a wide variety of boron-containing compounds.  Boric Acid, with its high B2O3 content, is often the least expensive source of boron used by the chemical manufacturing industry to produce boron derivatives.  Boron products have a huge range of applications.

While many manufacturers buy borate products to produce an end product—for example, a lubricant, a glaze for ceramics or fiberglass insulation—many chemical manufacturers produce boron-containing chemicals for sale as intermediates to other manufacturers or formulators. Boron uses in chemical manufacturing include production of:

  • Ferroboron (see Metallurgy – Amorphous Metals & Alloys and also Powdered Metallurgy)
  • Boron nitride and boron carbide (see Abrasives and Refractories in Other Applications; see Powdered Metallurgy in Metallurgy)
  • Boron trichloride (see Metallurgy - Soldering) and boron triflouride, which is typically used as a reagent in organic chemistry as a Lewis acid.