New Glassy Boron Oxide

Eti Maden is now producing Boron Oxide Glassy Grade by the fusion process, which is the method used by other producers of anhydrous boric acid. This method produces a smaller particle size, +60 mesh (0.25mm), 35% minimum, compared to alternative processes. Physically, the small particle size corresponds to a large surface area. This makes the new Boron Oxide Glassy Grade more highly reactive and promotes even more of the cross-linking that is desired in many end uses such as refractory materials, amorphous metal and alloy manufacturing.

Boron oxide is typically used as a fluxing agent for glass and enamels, and in the synthesis of various boron derivatives used in optical fibers, borosilicate glass, nuclear reactors, and other applications.

Etimine USA offers both glassy and porous grades of boron oxide. The glassy grade is packaged in 25 KG bags and 1 MT supersacks, whereas the porous grade comes in 25 KG bags and 500 KG supersacks. The porous grade, produced by fluid bed dehydration of boric acid, has larger particles, on average (75% minimum of 48 mesh), with a freeze-dried particle shape.

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