Logistics Information

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, our logistics group works diligently with our suppliers and service providers to create a cost-efficient, timely and reliable supply chain for our customers in North and Central America.  We offer various domestic and international transportation modes and a selection of package types including custom packaging and labeling options.

Etimine USA’s US-based system of distribution centers enables timely product delivery to most of North America. We also work closely with Eti Maden production and logistics teams in Turkey, whether shipping to customer locations via our U.S. distribution system or shipping directly from Turkey to more distant customer locations. We continually extend our downstream processing and packaging capabilities, as well as introduce other supply chain innovations designed to offer customers the best logistics solutions possible.

Warehouse Order Procedures/Policies

All orders for non-conditioned products require 24 hours advance notice, and must be received by 1PM EST one day before required ship date.

All orders for reconditioned product and special packaging require 48 hours advance notice, and must be received by 1PM EST two days before required ship date.

Please email all purchase orders to orders@etimineusa.com

Those orders not picked up from Etimine USA distribution centers within 4 working days of scheduled pickup date will be cancelled and placed back in inventory. A new purchase order must be submitted if product is still desired.

Etimine USA’s Houston, TX and Savannah, GA distribution centers require pickup appointments. Failure to make an appointment may cause delays as orders with pickup appointments will have priority. Our Wilmington, DE distribution center does not require pickup appointments.

Container Shipment Policies & Procedures

Ask us for more information.

Delivery Methods

Etimine USA offers a variety of different delivery options for its products, including:

  • Truck (bulk, supersacks, or bags)
  • Railcar
  • Container delivery to port

We also accept mixed truckload and less than truckload orders.  Custom packaging and labeling requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.