The History of Etimine USA

Etimine USA, Inc. is the North American and Central American marketing and sales office for the world’s largest producer of boron mineral ores, refined boric acid and sodium borates – Eti Maden Works General Management in Turkey. Eti Maden is a state-owned Turkish mining company that possesses 72% of the world’s known boron reserves and supplies nearly half the world’s boron product demand.

Growth in Territories
Established in 2000 with its sales and marketing offices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, close to many industrial end users, the U.S.-based company, Etimine USA, quickly grew in size and scope by offering high quality borates and ores on the East Coast. Etimine USA expanded beyond its initially-assigned U.S. and Canadian territories to address the needs of Mexican borate buyers in 2013, then in 2014 also became the exclusive agent for Eti Maden in Central America.  Now well established within its regions of responsibility, Etimine USA is an important facet of Eti Maden’s global business. 

Distribution System
Etimine USA began to inventory and deliver products via a single distribution center launched in the northeast (Wilmington, Delaware) soon after the company formed, offering both ground and rail transportation options. Since then, operations have grown to a system of distribution centers with locations that include Savannah, Georgia, Houston, Texas and others. A new distribution center located in Kent, Washington was opened late summer 2014 in response to continued growth in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to supplying manufacturers directly, Etimine USA also relies on a network of highly professional, independent distributors. The distributors help buyers achieve a convenient alternative source for Turkish borates.

Although most aspects of the borate production are performed closer to the mines at Eti Maden’s various plants in Turkey, Etimine USA has added incrementally to its own processing and packaging capabilities. Regional customers benefit from convenient access to locally available products and services, while global customers benefit from products that are consistent and reliable on a worldwide basis.  A feasibility study is being conducted to assess the potential for building a production plant in the Southeastern U.S. This would be Eti Maden’s first significant production investment outside of Turkey, and extend capacity beyond what is already the world’s largest boron manufacturing operations.

Keeping pace with the business growth and the escalating needs of customers, Etimine USA has grown its captive technical services capabilities and now offers in-house expertise to address challenging questions, help customers realize new formulation opportunities, and solve technical problems.  Fundamental boron research and applications development is conducted primarily by Eti Maden, which works closely various university research programs and the prestigious National Boron Research Institute, a part of Turkey’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.

In order to help keep costs down for customers, Etimine USA’s products are now imported not only in containers but also in vessels, including both packaged goods and bulk products for certain items. The adoption of new transportation modes also help to reduce product costs for customers, for example bulk pneumatic trucks.

The Future: Etimine USA and Eti Maden
Looking ahead, Etimine USA aims to help companies in North and Central America benefit from the efficient supply of high quality, value-added boron products. We will utilize Eti Maden’s sustainable development of national boron resources, and provide regional capabilities and services that help our customers prosper. To learn about the history and future of Eti Maden, click here or watch this video.