Borate products touch many aspects of life and are redesigning the future of Turkey
and the world with their widespread use.


Boron plays an important role in increasing agricultural yields and has recently started to be widely used in the agricultural industry as an effective micronutrient. Without the adverse effects of many chemical fertilizers, boron products are improving sustainability in agricultural areas. show more


Boron products are actively used in cleaning and detergent industries and are effective agents in laundry detergents, personal care products, and household and industrial cleaners. Over 20% of world boron consumption is utilized for cleaning products. show more


Boron, which touches many aspects of life, plays an important role in metallurgy and materials industries. Used for the production of high-quality products with technological and industrial applications, borates have the ability to form smooth, sticky, protective, and burr-free liquid at high temperatures. show more


Boron components allow ceramics to transform into new structural states resistant to both physical impacts and chemicals. Ceramics strengthened with boron are used in industrial fields with ceramic glaze and enamel production. show more

Wood Protection

Borates act as a highly effective agent in many wood protection products. Borates can quickly dissolve in water and are easily applied to wood and wood composites. Wood protection materials produced with borates are environmentally sensitive, resistant to fire, and resistant to biological and environmental deterioration. show more


The glass industry utilizes borates as a key raw material across many products including borosilicate glass, glass wool, and textile fiberglass. These boron strengthened glass products have wide usage across many industries. show more


Insulation materials help protect our living spaces from the environment, sound, and fire. Boron additives improve the effectiveness of insulation products. show more

Textile Type Fibreglass

Textile type fibreglass is produced from thin lenticular glass filaments which are formed by solidification of melted glass by physical and chemical processes. It is a lightweight and low-cost industrial product that is high tensile and resistant to impact and chemical reactions. Borates reinforce the fibers of textile fiberglass and help control the manufacturing processes. show more


Boron offers sustainable, renewable energy alternatives that are conscious to the environment and natural life. Borates contribute to the efficient use of hydrogen energy and play a significant role in the development of sodium borohydride fuel cells. show more


Boron plays a significant role in many industries and new developing technologies. Learn about how Etimine USA can provide borates for your needs. show more

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Eti Maden has a rich history and is designing the future of boron. We contribute to the growth of the Turkish and world economies by producing high-value-added boron products through professionals specialized in their industries.


Eti Maden closely follows the mining and production activities of boron and boron
products in Turkey and throughout the world.
Recent Events in Turkey
Eti Maden is fully state owned company and exports more than 95% of its production
Events In Turkey
Following the recent activities, all Company operations are functioning normally with no interruption of supply.
OMRI Registrations
Etimine USA now offers 5 products listed with OMRI for agricultural use.
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Visit Etimine USA at the upcoming Ceramics Expo in Cleveland!
Four Turkish Cities Rank in Worldwide Top 10 for Economic Performance
Four cities in Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa) ranked in the top 10 of economic performance in 2015, as reported by the Brookings Institution and JP Morgan Chase.


Turkey’s most valuable mineral, boron, is transformed into productive and quality
products with high-added-value.
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