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Increasing High Yield in Agricultural Areas with Boron

Adding boron to agricultural areas helps plants grow and visibly increases yield quality. With its environmentally friendly and effective performance on plant growth, boron is frequently preferred as a micronutrient over other fertilizers in the agriculture industry. Plants that grow without the proper amount of boron can develop, but are riddled with low quality fruit and seed production. Applying boron directly to plants helps prevent fruit and seed loss – ensuring high quality agricultural fields and high profits for farmers.

High Yield at Low Cost with Boron

Born usage plays an important role in the development of high quality plants and ensures the high level of yields in the field at an economical cost. Incorrect dosages and erroneous application of boron can lead to undesirable environmental consequences and damage to plants. In the right dosage and application, boron helps produce the best quality crops and agricultural products.

Specialty Borates for the Agriculture Industry = Etidot 67

Etidot 67, which was developed in 2010 through R&D products carried out by Eti Maden’s specialists, helps produce high yields in agricultural fields. Etidot 67, an important plant nutrient produced from the reaction of borax and boric acid, contains 20.8% boron. Etidot 67, a specially developed product for the agriculture industry, is used as a foliar fertilizer in soil and leaf applications after dissolving in water. It can also be used as an insect pesticide by protecting wood materials from harmful organisms such as fungi.

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