Development of Boron with the Changing and Renewing Technologies

Boron which is actively used in many areas of life, has a widespread use in glass, ceramics, wood protection, energy, cleaning-detergent, health, technology and renewable energy systems.  World Boron Leader Eti Maden, continues its research and development of boron and boron products in its facilities in Turkey which conform to international quality standards.

Eti Maden, within the R&D laboratories that possess modern standards and advanced technology, in the direction of continuous development principle, is working to increase the usage areas of boron, expand the product portfolio, maximize the efficiency and, most importantly, carry out activities aimed at protecting the environment and human health in all production processes. Eti Maden makes technology and innovation the focus of all our business processes.

High Yield in Agricultural Areas with Etidot-67

Boron which provides high efficiency  in agriculture with Etidot-67, developed by Eti Maden in R&D studies carried out in 2010, is helping the development of agriculture fields and increasing quality of the products in Turkey and in the world. Through the application of boron agricultural products, costs are reduced by bypassing fruit & seed loss. Etidot-67 plays an important role in agriculture industry by multiplying the amount of yield taken from the soil with its boron oxide content of 67%. Etidot-67 is a specially developed product for the agricultural industry and is applied to the soil as a solid or to leaves as liquid with spraying method.It is also used as a pesticide to protect wood materials from insects and other harmful organisms, such as fungi.

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