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Boron Oxide (Anydrous Boric Acid) is a colorless, odorless, hygroscopic, solid, white and glassy product available in two granular powder forms: glassy and porous. By virtue of its production method and its inherent nature, the glassy form is almost vitreous.

Boron Oxide
Glassy Grade - Specifications
Boron Oxide
Porous Grade - Specifications

Typical Boron Oxide properties are as follows:

Component Unit Typical Values
B2O3 % 98.2
SO4 ppm 350
Fe ppm 8
Cl ppm 6
Retention on 0.25mm
or 60 mesh screen
% 35

This product may contain trace impurities of Na, Ca, Ti, Zr and other rare-earth elements (<50ppm in total),  Al as Al2O3 (<100ppm), and Si as SiO2 (<1000 ppm).

  • Fluxing agent for enamels
  • Borosilicate glass; Fluxing agent for glass
  • Chemical synthesis of various boron derivatives used in optical fibers
  • Other applications: Nuclear reactors, catalysis and other applications.

Government registration or certification may be required for particular applications in certain countries.

Standard Packaging and Weights – Boron Oxide
Package Types  Glassy
Boron Oxide
Boron Oxide
White polypropylene woven bag with interior lamination 25 KG Bag
(55.1 lbs.)
White polypropylene woven bag with interior lamination;
Top and bottom discharge ports
1 MT Bags
(2,204.6 Lbs)
500 KG Bags
(1,102.3 Lbs.)
Bulk Shipment Various Weights

* Only available for product shipped from Wilmington, DE.

Ask us about special requests for:
• Custom package types
• Flat-bottomed supersacks
• Custom fill weights
• Custom labeling

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