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Boron as the Renewable Energy of Future

Decrease of reserves of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and increase in demand for these resources, are causing the search for alternative energy sources. The continuity of technological developments and the ever-increasing world population lead to the need for excessive amounts of energy. On this path, research on energy sources and production gain importance. Production and consumption of primary energy resources negatively affect natural life, environment, human health, and country and world economies. The energy needs of the future can be sustained and renewed with the effective contribution of boron products and by creating alternatives that are sensitive to natural life.

Increasing Energy and Value with Boron

Considered among the energy sources of the future and still highly researched, fuel cells that convert hydrogen to electric energy have a very important place. Scientific research on the production, transportation, storage, and system integration in areas of use regarding hydrogen fuel cells continues to progress. Boron, which allows the hydrogen energy to be used with high efficiency, is among the major raw materials in the development of sodium borohydride fuel cells. In addition, sodium borohydride is widely used in purification chemicals, cellulose bleaching, cleaning of metal surfaces, precious metal recovery in metal surface treatment, and cleaning of heavy metals from waste waters.

Boron  Enriches the Energy of the Future

Boron contributes to the creation of sustainable and highly efficient energy sources for your future and adds value to the energy sector with sodium borohydride’s renewable structure. Sodium borohydride is a widely preferred product in electronic devices, vehicles and electric/heat production plants, and fuel cells used for military and civil purposes. Since boron may store 10.8% hydrogen, is not flammable or explosive, and features a highly controllable hydrogen dispense reaction, it provides ease of use.

The development of sodium borohydride production technology, which is one of the important aspects of hydrogen fuel cell technology, is a highly researched energy project. Boron, the most valuable mined material of Turkey, improves the efficiency of these technologies.

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