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Etimine USA, Inc. is the North American, Caribbean and Central American sales office for Eti Maden, the largest producer of boron products in the world. Eti Maden, owned by the government of Turkey, possesses 72% of the world’s known boron reserves and supplies nearly 50% of the world’s boron needs. Products include ground mineral ores and various grades of boric acid and sodium borates, as well as specialty products such as DOT (disodium octaborate tetrahydrate).

Etimine USA Core Values (Principles of operation)

Reliability: To act ethically, dependably and responsibly in dealings with customers.
Customer Oriented: To provide quality products and services that meet customers’ requirements and exceed their expectations.
Team Spirit: To have a working culture that promotes and stimulates institutional synergy.
Adaptability: To keep pace with technological innovations and changes in the environment and marketplaces in which we operate.
Courage: To embrace the innovations and developments which help to promote the use of boron.
Social Responsibility: To carry out activities that are environmentally friendly and supportive of the local community.

Our Mission

Etimine USA’s mission is to help companies in North America, Caribbean and Central America benefit from the efficient supply of high quality, value-added boron products. We will utilize Eti Maden’s sustainable development of national boron resources, and provide regional services that help our customers prosper.

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Quality Policy

Etimine USA is committed to providing its customers high quality products reliably and safely.  Our quality program includes our commitment and plans as follows:

  • Implement and continuously improve Quality, Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and Energy Management System standards in our company
  • Meet our customer demands on time with required quality
  • Comply with the regulations related to Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and Energy Management Systems
  • Produce our products with the least possible damage to the environment, and use environmentally-friendly materials in our production
  • Reduce hazardous waste and ensure disposal of these all wastes in a controlled manner in our working areas
  • Establish a healthy and safe environment in our working areas through risk analysis in order to reduce work-related accidents
  • Improve energy efficiency in order to reduce costs


Environmental Care

Etimine USA and Eti Maden respect the environment. Together and separately, we each take measures to minimize our respective operational effects on the environment, and to create the highest level of a healthy environment. Key objectives of our environmental control program are:

  • Secure the environment from hazardous mining activities.
  • Integrate the ISO 14000 Environmental Control System and total Quality Controls.
  • Improve the environmental and quality control.
  • Assure a consistent mining operation with consideration to the environment.
  • Develop an attitude of environmental health in the minds of the employees.


Technical Services

Etimine USA provides technical support services to help customers solve specific technical challenges they may encounter with our products. Let us know how we can help you with product selection, formulations and more. Our access to fundamental boron research and applications development is unparalleled, given our ties to R&D conducted by Eti Maden in Turkey and their collaborations with Turkey’s prestigious National Boron Research Institute and numerous universities worldwide.


Industry Involvement

Etimine USA actively supports numerous industry organizations that are devoted to help businesses innovate and thrive.

  • Associate Member of the Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association (CIMA)
  • Bronze Level Member of the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA)
  • Member of the Industrial Minerals Association of North America (IMA-NA)
  • Member of Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF)
  • Proud supporter of Association for Iron and Steel Technologies (AIST)
  • Member of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC)
  • Member of the Micronutrient Manufacturers Association (MMA)


Future plans worldwide

Eti Maden’s plans for expansions and improvements at their main operating sites in Turkey include the following major projects:

  • Introduction of new boron compounds
  • Modernization of Bandirma Borax Factory
  • Modernization of Bandirma Boric Acid Factory
  • Bandirma Boron Oxide Facility
  • Bandirma Sodium Boron Hydride Pilot Facility
  • Emet Multi-Functional Boric Acid Facility
  • Bigadic Concentrator and Milling Facility
  • Kirka Borax Pentahydrate Facility
  • Kirka Packing Facility and Warehouse Building

To learn more about these and other project and investment initiatives designed to make Etimine USA and Eti Maden an ever-more valuable supplier for your borate needs, click here.


Sales Offices Worldwide

Eti Maden Works G.M. – Global headquarters
Etimine USA, Inc. – North America & Central America
Etimine SA – Western Europe and Africa
Etimine GMBH. – Germany
Eti Products OY – Scandinavia and Baltic countries
Eti Products RUSSIA – Russia, Kazakhstan and nearby countries
Etimine ASIA – Asia


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