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Borates are the shine of glass

Boron materials produced in Turkey, which owns over 73% of world boron reserves, are widely used both domestically and internationally in the glass sector. Boron, which is preferred in many sectors due to its unique properties, is one of the most important raw materials in the glass industry. Boron enriched glass materials are transformed into products that are both heat and chemical resistant. Use of boron in glass products is expected to increase as use in the industry expands with ongoing R&D studies.

Borosilicate glass is produced using boron materials and is widely used in various fields in glassware products. These products range from simple kitchen tools like glass trays, storage containers, and tea and coffee pots to technically complicated glasses like electronic device screens, solar energy systems, and camera lenses. Borosilicate glass is also used in the medical industry for the bottling of antibiotics and vitamin pills, as well as in glass containers used in scientific research laboratories.

Environment Friendly Glass Wool

Glass wool, produced from glass fibers liquidized by heat and converted to ergonomic structures, is a strong and durable material when enriched with boron oxide during the production phase. Glass wool is effectively used in heat and sound insulation, and is produced in various forms such as blankets, sheet, pipes, and casting. It is commonly used on the inner surfaces of walls and concrete; in wood, metal, and snap fittings; in air conditioner and roof blankets; and in central heating systems. Glass wool is anti-fungal, anti-deterioration, anti-corrosive, and resistant to temperature and moisture. It also cannot be deformed by pests and microorganisms.

Reinforcement Fiberglass – Low Cost and Resistant to Chemical Reactions

Reinforcement Fiberglass, another glass product formed with the addition of boron, is an industrial material that is produced with low cost, is high tensile, and is resistant to chemical reactions and impacts. In particular, reinforced materials and composites are used in sea bots, ski gears, fuel tanks, ships, train wagons, roofing materials, electronic circuit boards, bumpers, mudguard, and seats and front panels of automobiles. They also play an active role in the production of wind panels for the “Green Energy” sector.

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