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As the leader of the boron market, Eti Maden keeps its high motivation and advances with innovation oriented solutions. It maintains its vision that provides high quality service and creates a human resources that adapts to total workout plan.

Its mission is; organizing a human resources to develope corporate strategies, realizing personnel work and operations organizations in maximum level, representing the firm with experienced employees and having a confident personnel that has a innovative quality.

Eti Maden builds it human resources strategy on the principal of efficiency and profitability, in the extent of relevant legislation and determined strategies. It aims to create a professional human resources department by uniting the corporate structure with sustainable and innavative solutions.

Eti Maden Raises Professionals of the Future

Eti Maden organizes orientation programs according to principles such as activity, efficiency and thriftiness in order to have employees with the ability of setting up new visions and to enhance their competence and ability to handle higher tasks.

In 2016, in  the extent of personal and professional development orientation and professional adjustment and ability management orientation; 23 organized trainings, 26 unorganized trainings, 29 external trainings and 41 management executive trainings were made. 3245 covenanted employees and 4383 workers were given chance to have training. Also 261 student had highschool level training and 332 college student had opportunity to do internship.

Aiming High Motivation in Boron Production  

Personnel Performance Management System aims to unite Eti Maden’s corporate purposes and employee purposes, to enhance peronal success of employees, to evaluate personnel contribution in a fair, systematic and measurable way, to enchance loyalty by determining personnel expectations and to maximize efficieny by creating ideal working area in order to boost  motivation.

Basic principles of Eti Maden human resources are; determining personnel quality which fits the tasks and realizing the hiring process accordingly, determining the trainings required to enhance the personnels skills, enterpreneurship, success and effort and enhancing loyalty and embracement of ethical values and principles of efficieny, profitability and sustainability.

As the leading firm in the boron market, Eti Maden has constantly renewing, updating and developing human resources policy.

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