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Boron Insulation Materials Protect Your Living Spaces

Insulation materials, which help protect your living spaces from heat, sound, and fire, are produced from natural materials. Boron insulation materials, formed from mixtures of cellulose and borates, are commonly used durable and long-lasting products. These materials help to conserve energy and lower energy costs due to their strong thermal insulation properties, which fight against heat exchange of closed areas. Borate enriched insulation materials are not harmful to human health, are easily applied to many surfaces, and allow for maximum comfort in living spaces. Boron and boron-container insulation materials provide economical, durable, and strong insulation solutions.

Borates are also important raw materials in sound insulation. In areas such as music studios and performance centres, borate enriched sound insulation reduces the noise input-output of the interior and noise from outside to the minimum level. In addition to heat and sound insulation, these materials also provide fire insulation through delaying flame formation by preventing the space from meeting with oxygen in possible fire situations. It reduces the smoke emission to a minimum level and delays the release of gases which threaten human health. Boron insulation materials, which are widely preferred in textile industry, are used in many sectors related to products that are at risk of burning and explosion. Insulation materials containing borates are sensitive to the environment, provide confidence and comfort, and ensure high quality of living spaces.

Affordable and Efficient Insulation

Affordable and long-lasting boron insulation materials are manufactured from natural materials. Boron insulation materials are dust, heat and water resistant. They cannot be deformed from damage caused by insects and rodents. They have no carcinogenic effects on human health due to their chemical component-free structures. As a stable and long-lasting consumer good, boron enriched insulation is immune to decay, rust and metallic corrosion. It ensures a secure, budget-friendly and comfortable living space by providing heat, noise and fire insulation simultaneously.

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