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World’s Largest Boron Production Complex: Eskişehir – Kırka


The facility, established in 1970 as Kırka Sodium Salt Site Management in Eskişehir-Kırka and after the restructuring in 1998, named Kırka Boron Operations Directorate is active in mining, chemistry, metallurgy and logistics, especially borates. The Kırka – Sarıkaya formation, which possesses the largest share among the world‘s tincal reserves, constitutes for about 20% of the world reserves. It also constitutes 25% of the boron reserves in Turkey.

3 Million Tons of Tincal Production per year

Tincal production of Kırka Boron Operations Directorate is around 3 million tons per year.

Kırka Bor Operations Directorate established on a total settlement area of 10 million 500 thousand square meters is producing borates with high added value with its dynamic, highly motivated professionals expertized on their areas. Within the plant where nearly 1700 personnel are employed, different areas are hosted from mining to refined production, from logistics to R&D studies with the purpose of extending the usage areas of borates.

Aiming excellence in the direction of satisfaction of all stakeholders, Kırka Boron Operations Directorate is supporting its sense of quality with strong references with quality, energy, environment, occupational health and safety management system and accredited laboratory certificates.

Kırka Boron Operations Directorate, trying to include sustainability and the latest technology in all the processes in which borates are used, provides a significant contribution to the positive development of Turkey and world economy by offering products to its customers at high quality.

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