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Slag is a material derived from melting powdered substances from iron mines and scrap materials for use in the iron-steel industry. It enables the use of scrap, but has issues with transportation and storage because of its large volume. Boron additives transform slag into compact structures, allowing for an economical solution for carrying and storing volumes. Slag processed with boron additives is safe for human health and environmentally sensitive.

Boron, which plays an active role in the emergence of high quality, highly efficient, and sustainable products, acts an important additive in metallurgy and materials industries. Boron has the ability to form smooth, sticky, protective, and burr-free liquids at high temperatures, resulting in durable and sustainable products. Borates are especially important in developing steel – it is used in the boronizing process through application of an electrolytic coating which results in hard and abrasion resistant surfaces.

Borates help to minimize high costs in production processes. Eti Maden’s borates can develop into iron boron alloys (ferroboron) and can take the place of high-cost materials used for hardening steel during steel production.

The combination of iron and borates during the soldering process improves the results of steel production. Industrial oils developed with borates through various physical and chemical processes reduce friction and wear in industrial machines and vehicles. These high temperature resistant boron oils help to prolong a machine’s life and reduces noise generation and pollution by improving existing abrasion.

Boron is used throughout the space and aerospace industries in high speed wing applications through the design and development of high temperature resistant bodies.

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