World Bor Leader Eti Maden, is contributing to the effective use of boron and boron-containing products in the world by actively pursuing strong partnerships with major growth centres of the world with the goal of continuous growth.

With AB Etiproducts OY established in Finland, boron products marketing, sales and logistics operations in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia and Africa markets are carried out.

In the distribution of Eti Maden products, ETIPRODUCTS LTD headquartered in Moscow, ASIAN AGRO CHEMICALS CORP. headquartered in  UAE and BOROCHEMIE INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD. headquartered in Singapore, Caucasus and Central Asia operations are being carried out.

Eti Mine SA, established in Luxembourg and one of the overseas representative offices of Eti Maden with 75%, is managing the logistics operations of boron produced in Turkey with the warehouses in Romania, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Austria.

Eti Maden, having its head office in Ankara, is managing the sales and marketing processes of the products by providing them with all suppliers in North and South America, especially the USA, Brazil and Canada along with ETIMINE USA, situated in New Jersey, USA.

Eti Maden, carries out the Spain operations with MARIO PILATO BLAT S.A. found in Valencia, is successfully managing the logistics processes in all continents, especially in Europe with Etimine Sa, located in Luxembourg.

Maintains its successful partnerships in China, Taiwan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Nepal with ETİMADEN ASIA PACIFIC LTD. located in Hong-Kong.

Eti Maden, Turkey’s rising value is expanding the business network by acquiring new stakeholders day by day with its strong position in global markets and contributing to Turkey and world economy.

EU Etiproducts OY, undertaking the representation of Eti Maden as a foreign representative with 50%, is presenting the most valuable underground source of Turkey to the international market by making the sales and marketing of the Eti Maden products in Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia and Africa, in its location in Finland.

Eti Maden, which supplies quality, reliable and sustainable boron and boron products to all parts of the world by delivering to 216 ports in 90 countries, is continuing to add value to Turkey and World economy.

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