Works Regarding the Business Issues

Facilities Tracking Technological Developments

“World Boron Leader” Eti Maden transforms borates into highly productive, profitable, quality and sustainable products in its facilities, designed according to global integration standards. Continuous improvement works are being conducted in the facilities, where the production of boron products, which have a widespread usage, is performed.

To consistently improve, our businesses are transformed into production centers that can adapt to changing and developing technologies, where we develop Turkey’s most valuable mined material, boron, in the most efficient ways by the most specialized professionals to provide superior service.

Eti Maden, with its experience and know-how from its own history, aims to produce better quality, sustainable and innovation oriented products by lowering output losses through its own R&D activities. By following developments in the global arena, its able to quickly adapt its production facilities through its own human and financial resources. Eti Maden’s goals is aimed to extend consumption of borates and to increase their efficiencies by developing the most advanced technologies. In this direction, by making the necessary technological improvements in Kütahya- Emet, Balıkesir- Bigadiç ve Bandırma, Eskişehir-Kırka facilities immediately, it is planned to increase the quality and product output in the facilities, to make human resources reach the global standards and to extend the use of boron products by acquiring new stakeholders.

Industry Development Works

Industry-wide Boron Use

Eti Maden, the most important producer in the world boron sector, continues to work to extend the use of boron products in the national/international arena.

Eti Maden continues to work to extend the use of borates in the international arena in line with the demands from different industries. By sharing the technical and economic results obtained in industries such as iron and steel, agriculture, ceramic, glass with industrial producer companies, it aims to promote the use of boron products. Thus, in sectors that have not used before, projects related to the benefits of boron usage are carried out and new production methods and products with high quality standards are being developed and new usage areas must be developed.


New Product Development Studies

Eti Maden Designs the Future with New Boron Products

Eti Maden, which sustains its steady growth in the traditional boron products market, plays a pioneering role in the development of new boron products that would create a privileged world. It is on the way to becoming the information and technology basin of the world boron sector, and it is producing new boron products and is widening its portfolio. Eti Maden continues to offer new products to the market by transforming borates into high added value products. Eti Maden is working on the determination of production methods of high-tech boron products and the production of boron-containing products (glass fibre etc.) for the end user. In order to develop new products, considering the competition conditions in boron products markets, domestic and foreign market information, it is conducting R&D studies on original science and technology production.  It is foreseen that R&D work on new boron products will be boron-containing products, which may be important in energy, defence and nuclear industry.

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