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Long-Life Wood Protection with Boron Products

Boron compounds are frequently preferred in the wood protection industry in Turkey and in the world. Borate-based wood protection products are sensitive to human health and the environment, and have begun replacing many chemical wood preservation products with toxic chemical effects, which are restricted throughout much of the US. Wood production products developed with borates are resistant to harmful biological agents, readily soluble in water, and easily applicable.

Boron Protection Products Have Easy Application

Borate compounds allows for the impregnation of wood without costly techniques by dipping, immersion, brushing, spraying, vacuum, or pressurized systems in the interior of wood. Boron compounds transform wood into a strong and durable material, extending its life and economical savings. Borates improve fire resistance of wood products by reducing the intensity of flames, allowing for a minimization of fire damage. When wood materials are exposed to high temperatures, they are charred by quickly discharging the water within the outer layers. Borates help limit the transmission of heat to the inside from the carbonized outer layers of wood which aids in slow burning – helping to minimize the loss of life and property by saving time in fire situations for emergency intervention. Due to its solubility in water and use in high humidity environments, it can be placed in drilled holes via salt rods in wood constructions or applied directly by dissolving in water or dampening and spreading on wood.

Environmentally Friendly Boron Wood Protection Products

Commonly used wood coatings are transformed into durable, high quality, and long-lasting products by enrichment with boron materials. Further, these materials prove environmentally friendly and do not disturb ecological balance. Boron protection products are not toxic to human or animal health, but help prevent the formation of harmful organisms on wood. It is used as a protective agent against fungi, insects, termites, and sea pests.

Further, boron coatings provide long-lasting durability – helping to protect forest areas and reducing tree consumption by extending the service life of wood products without maintenance at low cost.

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