Environment Friendly Highly Productive Boron

Eti Maden, which performs the production and operation of boron which is the most precious mine of Turkey; takes necessary precautions against all the negativities that can affect the natural life and environment through efficient and sustainable process management within the scope of environmental responsibilities. By reducing the formation of waste to the minimum level from the beginning to the end of the production phase; it is following a production policy that holds environmental awareness in the forefront. It continues to produce environment friendly, highly productive, quality boron products in accordance with all legal regulations.

With the reforestation and disposal of wastes from natural resources projects carried out together with employees, it exhibits a superior sensitivity to the environment and natural life by producing in harmony with nature. With TS EN 140001 Environmental Management System Certificate, environmental awareness is improving day by day by supporting its sensitivity towards the environment.

A Clean and Healthy Future with Boron

Eti Maden aims to reduce the consumption of natural resources to the lowest levels with its specialized professionals in boron and boron products and with modern technologies by obtaining maximum productivity from boron products. Eti Maden, which protects and develops the natural richness of Turkey with the environmental policies it has developed, is creating awareness on environmental conciousness through periodic trainings to its employees.

Eti Maden, taking into consideration the environmental effects in the establishment of the plant and process areas, fulfils its responsibilities towards the environment.

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